DRIVE – The future-oriented solution for railway operators!

DRIVE combines the components and know-how of the three companies ELTEC Elektronik AG, infraView GmbH and ESE Engineering und Software-Entwicklung GmbH, with whose help you start monitoring your rolling stock fleet quickly and efficiently!

Get your DRIVE starterkit now – consisting of

ELTEC CyBox MC-R onboard computer
including accessoires, such as antennas, cables, power supply and adapters

DIANA Platform
3-months test license

Operator-specific Dashboards
including initial data analysis and insights of your rolling stock

The hardware solution CyBox MC-R from ELTEC is certified according to German standards for rail installation. This computing platform is a highly modular system that adapts flexibly to different interface requirements, including e.g. wireless interfaces for data transmission, serial I/O, MVB etc.

The data read out from the rolling stock are processed using the DIANA Platform and visualization platform from infraView. infraView offers a generic solution for all types of condition based data. The connection between the hardware and DIANA Platform is completely encrypted. The access to the onboard computer will be monitored automatically.

ESE acts as the integrator for DRIVE and supports the installation on your rolling stock as well as on the landsite. In doing so, we ensure that you receive exactly the data you need. DRIVE also provides you with the first dashboards and evaluations so that you can easily extract added value from the data.

Create a simple view of complex data

Eliminate technology and data
silos by seamlessly integrating
data across complex
industrial data sources,
sensors and applications

Get real-time and predictive analysis

Create personalized notifications, diagnose alarms and anomalies in real-time, and accelerate an issue response without affecting production

Reduce downtime of critical assets

Get to the source of your security problem before your equipment fails and avoid the costly downtime associated with breaches

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Find out more about the integrated solution DRIVE and get in contact with us!

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